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*Package Pricing Details

  • Time the attorney spends drafting your plan or responding to an email that can be answered in five minutes or less does not count toward attorney time.

  • All other emails (questions/edits) will be responded to during meeting time.

  • This pricing applies to all new clients, including those with existing trusts or wills.

  • Payments: 50% due when we send you a draft and 50% when you sign the plan.

Additional Services:

  • $500 to add a separate property trust, $200 to add a deed.

  • Extra time with your attorney to complete your plan: $250 per 30 minutes

Most Common Questions
Why Do You Practice Estate Planning and Elder Care Law?

I went to law school because I was interested in how all aspects of the legal system work and how people use the law intelligently for their benefit.

My passion started from my early success in my property law classes and then my estate and trust classes. I then learned after two years of law practice, that I love working directly with clients and explaining legal concepts to them.

After law school, I worked at a litigation firm. The experience was great for two reasons: 1) I discovered that my strength in practicing law is in educating and counseling clients through complex legal issues, and 2) I am not passionate about arguing or beating up people in court.

One client, in particular, taught me that I loved working with seniors. I feel like my values are actually similar to an older generation. My grandfather was my best man at my wedding. I feel a good connection working with people over 60 or those taking care of people over 60. It is my passion to help this group.

Why Should I Hire You as my Elder Law Attorney?
I could start off by saying that I care so much about my clients, but that is way too cliché. My actions, how I structure my business, and my transparency should show I care. Maybe you can tell I am different by reading this biography. You can probably search reviews and it could give you a good idea I how to treat others and how I want the team to treat clients. I have made a use that I have hired great people who understand good client service and how to effectively accomplish valuable results for clients.

I am passionate about getting defined results that hopefully match the plan developed during a consultation. I want to see my clients get treated with care in dignity in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. I love what I do, and I want it to show in our results when working with us.

I tend to get results, which should be evident by the growing office staff and good word of mouth. I only practice elder law – so I am not distracted by court appearances that could tie me down for days in subject matters that are irrelevant to caregivers. We see 20+ new clients a month who are caregivers or are 70+ years old.
Why Do You Charge for a Consultation?
This is an internal pain point I have. On one hand, I want to help everyone who needs it and give everyone who calls answers to their burning questions; on the other hand, we get many new prospective client inquiries each week and there is only so much time in a week. I am part of the problem because I cannot leave clients with unanswered questions after the consultation, nor can I leave clients feeling like they did not receive value for the time spent. So, I spend a lot of time with new clients to learn about their unique situations and needs, to teach important principles to empower them in their planning and to give specific recommendations. Most free consultations in this area of law have to be a sales pitch delivered in under an hour, or else that attorney would not be able to meet his or her personal financial goals. Personal injury attorneys can advertise free consultations because they can potentially and routinely recover $100,000 – $1 million in some cases – elder law attorneys in Florida rarely can collect $20,000+ in a given case.

I cannot avoid my approach to consultations and I could personally be in free consultations all day, every day without progressing any paid client work. Yes, because I do paid consultations there will be some folks scared away, but I hope I am clear that I try to deliver value and give answers to all your questions and specific recommendations.
What Does the Process Look Like When Working with You?
Each type of caregiver situation we face as a different process. The general process works like this: you call and can set an appointment with an attorney. My paralegals can answer basic questions, but cannot (ethically) give advice about what to do. We start with the paid attorney consultation. At the end of that consultation, you will have a specific plan and a quote for legal fees to implement that plan. An attorney will lay out a process to complete the plan that you choose to follow.
Are You Too Busy for Me?
If I think I am too busy for you, you will know before we set an initial consultation. On rare occasions, we have referred clients to our competitors because our schedules are busy. Our trained paralegals will discuss relevant deadlines and I will schedule initial consultations and follow-up appointments with the expectation that you will hire us and we will meet your necessary goals. Go ahead and call us and we usually figure out a way to make things work for everyone. We have many team members in place to help clients timely meet their goals.
What to Do Next if You Want More Information.

You have a couple of choices:

1) You can call and ask for one of our educational reports. We have a lot of comprehensive written materials not found on this website that are available to further educate you about your needs.

2) You can schedule an initial appointment by calling (904) 398-6100. You may inquire about initial appointment and other fees when you call. Be ready to give us contact information about you and/or the person you are calling about.

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