Advice Calls or Initial Consultation

Sometimes you just need to get a few questions answered to move forward.

Our office offers a 30-minute attorney Advice Call or a 90-minute attorney Initial Consultation. The attorney’s hourly rate is prorated for the 30-minute call. The Initial Consultation is a flat fee.

Questions for an Advice Call:

- Whom should I choose to be Trustee?

- How should I set up the title on my house or rental?

- What do you think of my plans to split of my assets when I’m gone?

- My spouse passed away. Do I need to do anything?

- Who should I choose as guardian of my children?

- Will you look at my family member’s trust or legal documents?

- What do you think of my plans to split of my assets when I’m gone?

- Someone is about to pass away, what should I do?

- Should I create a will or a living trust?

- What should I say about being cremated or buried? Do you have a referral?

Generally, the 30-minuteAdvice Call is to either get you unstuck on an issue or two, you should know the answers to the rest of the items we would need to move forward with creating the legal documents you need.

If there are more than 1 or 2 issues or questions you need to be resolved, then a 90-minute Initial Consultation with an attorney is more appropriate to cover all the foundational issues that you need to understand before making critical decisions or to address all the customary issues to create a complete estate plan.

Common Goals or Issues for an Initial Consultation:

- Special needs trusts for disabled family

- Long-term care planning for yourself and your spouse, and

- Addressing diminished capacity

- Can you talk to me about whether I should sign this assisted living facility contract?

- I need help with this long-term care insurance

- Someone passed away, how do I handle everything?

- My loved one needs to be placed in a nursing home, how do I protect assets?

- My loved one is acting very strange or extreme due to their mental capacity, what should I do?

- Should I sell my house and go to assisted living?

“Big” issues and goals require at least a 90-minute Initial Consultation to cover all the foundational education that needs to be addressed before making decisions. These are very complex issues that require multiple explanations in order for you to fully understand them and become comfortable moving forwarding.

We cannot help families for larger ($15 million and up) estates or litigation of the validity of a legal document. We also do not sue people or defend lawsuits. We cannot help people who create estate planning documents who are not Florida residents.

For those with a technology appetite for Zoom meetings and online forms, we can work with any Florida resident on their estate planning.